Why Create an Account?

Why Create an Account ?

By creating an account with our store, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Repeat Orders – Fastest way to repeat an old order without having to search or remember part numbers
  • Multiple Delivery Addresses – Store all your delivery addresses in one place and then direct orders without having to type details in
  • Faster checkout — Registered customers can move through checkout faster because much of the information is already in their accounts.
  • Self service — Registered customers can update their information, check the status of orders, and even reorder from their account dashboard.
  • Wish Lists – Registered customers can create a list of items for future purchases or as a repeat order list

How to Use My Account

You can access your account dashboard by clicking the My Account link in the header of the store.
In your account dashboard you can view and modify your account information, including:-

  • Past and current addresses
  • Billing and Shipping Preferences
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Wish Lists

Wish Lists

Wish Lists are a convenient way to store items for a future purchase or a regular order.
Spillage Kits do not always need a full replacement kit just the items that have been used. Spill Stations and Pods are very similar with a few frequently used items.
A Wish List of the Kit or Station contents will allow you to quickly order just what you need without having to search the store for the individual components.
In your Wish List just add what you need straight to the cart and with your details already stored within the account you can checkout very quickly.
Your spillage replenishment is completed in a couple of minutes saving you a lot of time.

Using Wish Lists

Once logged into your account you can add an item to your Wish List from any part of the store by clicking the heart icon –
All your wish list items will appear on the left side under the My Wish List heading
Once you have items in the list you can share the list with a colleague by email, adding a comment to help them.