AdBlue Spill Kit Refills

Adblue Additive is usually stored on-site in large containers, the potential for accidental spillage and leakage has to be addressed. Spillshop have a series of spill kit refills specifically designed to replace the contents of an existing kit that has been used to deal with AdBlue leaks or spills. The three AdBlue spill kit refills range in size from 50 Litres through to 240 Litres. If your requirements are a little diverse, please contact us and we can tailor a kit to suit your own specification. Since 2005, legislation on diesel vehicles in the UK and the rest of Europe demanded a drastic reduction of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions. NOx emissions were a major source of atmospheric pollution leading to smog in urban centres and were known to aggravate asthma. AdBlue converts harmful NOx from diesel vehicle exhaust systems into harmless nitrogen and steam, therefore considerably reducing the emissions of nitrogen oxides that get released into the atmosphere. It is not a fuel, nor a fuel additive but a 32% mixture of Urea and demineralised water. AdBlue is non-flammable and non-explosive and is classified as a transportable fluid of minimal risk.

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  • 50L AdBlue Spill Kit Refill

    Part Number: ABRF50

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  • 100L AdBlue Spill Kit Refill

    Part Number: ABRF100

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  • 240L AdBlue Spill Kit Refill

    Part Number: ABRF240

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