Paper Wipes

Spill Shop supplies a range of paper wipes for everyday spillages that offer a quickly-absorbent option using low-lint material for a more precise clean. It’s always beneficial to have an easy-to-access and fuss-free option in any industrial workplace, as a heavy-duty option on a simple spillage would cause labour delays and possible damage to machinery. Spill Shop has the most effective everyday cleaning solutions, including low-lint wipers and standard paper wipes.

Low-lint wipers will wipe away liquid without leaving fibres or any debris after clean-up, so are ideal for use around sensitive applications where contaminants could cause damage to machinery and downtime in production. Clean up oil off of machine equipment effortlessly with our megapacks of low-lint wipers that come in two 400-sheet rolls.

Standard paper wipes are best suited to everyday liquid spillages to quickly restore a clean working environment for the workforce. Spill Shop stocks a pack of blue 2-ply paper wipes for enhanced absorbency and strength against liquid spillages. With a built-in removable core, these paper wipes could even be used as a drying towel, table lay or protective wrap for parts if the scenario calls for it. Both come in a 4-pack of 1000-sheet rolls, so you can be sure you have plenty for even the largest everyday spill. However, if you’re looking for a more substantial wipe that can be reused with greater absorbency, Spill Shop’s range of J-cloth wipes do the job with non-woven and uncontaminated material. This means that ultimately, they will provide you with a cost-effective solution for your wiping requirements.

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  • Blue 2-ply 1000 Sheet Paper Roll – 4 Pack

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