How to Choose Drum and IBC Containment

How to Choose Drum and IBC Storage

Drum & IBC Storage

Following health and safety regulations is a primary concern of businesses when considering how to store large volumes of chemicals or corrosive liquids. To ensure safe storage and transportation of large volumes, organisations in the UK most frequently use barrel drum storage vessels and IBCs.

If you store more than 200 Litres of oil/chemicals on-site in containers, they MUST be stored in either a bunded area or on a drip tray/drum spill pallet. IBC Bunds are designed to capture a minimum of 1100 Litres of liquid in the event of an IBC failure, and in doing so comply with all liquid storage regulations.

Siting of Liquids

Always consider where you are storing your liquids, either inside a building or outside on site. Your storage needs to tackle the outside world as well as the storage of liquids undercover.

The table below shows some requirements you need to think about:

Drum Type Inside Outside Sheltered Outside
5, 25, 100L Drums No No Not Available
205 L drums No No Yes
IBC’s No No Yes

We provide a complete range of spill trays and bund pallets to cater for the compliant storage of all liquid containers from 5L through to multiple IBCs. Moreover, we provide these storage solutions both indoors and outdoors so no matter your location, your containers will be able to be stored in a compliant manner.

5, 25, 100 Litre Drums

We provide a wide choice of spill trays for safe storage, including 5L and 25L small drums which are available in Spill Shop’s Small Drum Bund section. However, these products are not suitable for permanent outside uncovered applications due to the ingress of rainwater.

205 Litre Drums

We provide a large variety of compliant storage solutions for 205L drums.


Our spill pallet range caters for the storage of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 8 x 205L drums, with most coming with the option of a simple ‘rain cover’ option. The ‘covered’ option comes complete with a steel framework to hold the cover over and above the drums. The ‘raincover’ option is a simple cover that uses the physical ‘form’ of the stored drums to hold the cover in place.

Horizontal Storage

Our Drumrack dispenser systems allow for 1, 2, 3 or 4 x 205L drums to be stored and tapped horizontally. These can only be used in an undercover environment.

Bunded Workfloors

Bunded workfloors allow low-level storage of drums. You will find workfloors to store 2, 4, 6 or 8 x 205L drums. These are all for use indoors and are all accessible by the use of ramps. Ramps are available in long or short formats.


IBC Spillpallets

Our range of IBC drum spill pallets comes in a single or double IBC format. Double IBC spillpallets can only be used when the contents of the IBCs will not react.

All IBC drum spill pallets come with a simple ‘raincover’ option where the cover uses the physical form of the stored IBC to hold the cover in place. Meanwhile, there is a ‘covered’ option for both a single and double IBC spill pallet which comes complete with a steel framework to hold the cover over and above the IBCs.

Covered or Raincover – Which Should I Choose?

The covered option comes with a steel framework which supports the cover over and above the drums/IBC. Access is via a heavy-duty Velcro closing system and is suitable for daily access. Additionally, the cover is made of a robust waterproof material.

The raincover option uses the physical form of the stored drums/IBCs to support the cover. It is secured by tying off the elasticated cord threaded through the brass eyelets at the base of the raincover. This is not very versatile for daily usage, but the cover itself is made of a much lighter waterproof material.