How to Choose Absorbents

How to Choose Loose Absorbents

We offer 3 types of loose absorbents.  The table below gives a quick ‘at a glance’ synopsis of each of the products’ attributes.

Type Sorbency Cost Effective Use on Water Abrasive Degradable Ease of Use Environmental Speed
Elcef Fibre High Yes Yes No Yes Good Yes Instant
E-Sorb Medium Medium No No Yes Good No Quick
Clay Granules Low Low No Yes No Poor No Slow

Good Housekeeping and Health & Safety
When using loose absorbents it is highly recommended that they be swept up and disposed of immediately after use. Not only is this good practice but it should form part of your Health & Safety plan. Leaving hydrocarbon saturated sorbents down creates both a slipping and fire hazard.

Elcef Fibre Universal Absorbent
The best all round loose absorbent. Elcef Fibre is:
Cost Effective – Absorbs up to seven times more than clay granules. This creates less waste and with the added benefit of being a lightweight material, greatly reduces expensive disposal costs.
Environmentally Friendly – Elcef Fibre Absorbent is derived from the naturally recurring waste products of the plantation industries. It is non-toxic, biodegradable organic product to which nothing has been added. Safe for you to use and kind to the environment.
Lightweight & Hygenic – Making it convenient to handle, use and retrieve.
Quick and Easy – Works Instantly. The speed at which this product works greatly reduces normal clean-up time.
Non-Abrasive and Non-Leaching – This absorbent is non-abrasive to machinery, enabling areas to be cleaned that could not be tackled before. Elcef Fibre absorbs so completely that no oily residue is left, making your working area safer and eliminating slipping accidents.
Excellent Vapour Supressant – Quickly suppresses hydrocarbon vapours, restoring a safe working environment.
Use in Wet or Dry Conditions – Elcef Fibre has the ability to work equally well in wet or dry conditions, a feature many sorbents can not purport to have. This allows the product to be used outside as well as indoors. Moreover, Elcef Fibre is processed to always absorb hydrocarbons in preference to water. This means the removal of oil from water is yet another problem that Elcef Fibre can tackle.

This product is made from fine sawdust chemically treated to make it fire retardant. A good product but not environmentally friendly due to the addition of chemicals.

Clay Granules – White
The poorest loose absorbent on the market. Least absorbent and slowest working. Not an environmentally friendly product due to the fact that it is mined from the Earth’s natural resources.

Clay Granules – Pink
Slightly better attributes than its white counterpart and generally better suited to chemicals, but still with poor sorbency. Again not an environmentally friendly product due to the fact that it is mined from the Earth’s natural resources.