How to Choose Drain Protection

When it comes to a temporary drain cover, there are 3 main types of protection to choose from. All are good at their jobs, but the moldable and heavyweight versions are better sealing and most robust.

The difference between the two is that the moldable version is only usable once and is better suited for use on very uneven or sunken drains. For more information on buying a drain cover in the UK, read each detailed product description below.

Reinforced Moldable Drain Cover (Single Use)
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The use of a reinforced moldable drain cover is an exceptionally efficient temporary sealant and drain protector for drains and stormwater inlets. Requiring no surface preparation, it can be applied directly over a drain and will seal immediately when pressure is applied. Made from non-toxic material, this drain protector is easy to use, quick to apply on even dirty, rusty and greasy surfaces and can be used to control flammable and hazardous leaks and spills.

Neoprene (Reusable)
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Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material designed to be form-fitting and to resist breakdown by water. Neoprene provides an instant watertight seal around a drain to prevent any liquid spills from flowing in and contaminating controlled waters. Because air and water become isolated in their unique molecular structure, neoprene is a temperately stable and chemically-resistant drain cover.

Heavyweight Polyurethane Drain Covers – Small (Reusable)

Heavyweight Polyurethane Drain Covers – Medium (Reusable)

Heavyweight Polyurethane Drain Covers – Large (Reusable)

Heavyweight Polyurethane Drain Covers – X Large (Reusable)
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Our range of heavyweight polyurethane drain covers is the ideal solution for quickly sealing drains. Made from tough, non-absorbing urethane, they provide resistance to tearing and high durability. The heavyweight large drain cover design also means that it can be used in most outdoor environments and will not blow away in the wind or move easily with rain, hail or snow.

There is no specific top or bottom so the large drain cover can be used either way up, thereby providing operator ease of use. Polyurethane drain covers are perfect for preventing contaminants from entering drains and are resistant to oil, water and most chemicals. They can be washed with a simple solution of soap and water and kept safe in the wall-mounted holdall.