How To Choose Spillage Products

Don’t Learn About Spillages by Accident

Being prepared is half the job done when spillages occur, having the right spill-absorbent products in the right place reduces reaction time and prevents widespread spillages. Choosing a spill kit may seem like a daunting task when there are so many choices available, but the key is to determine the best fit for the substance and surrounding area. To find the perfect spillage product for you, you need to consider the following:

1. What Liquids Are You Cleaning?

Consider whether it is oil-based or a corrosive substance. Certain kits are designed for specific spillages and can make the difference between a swift, simple clean-up or an even bigger mess. Chemical Spill Kits are suited for more corrosive substances and Oil Spill Kits are designed for those difficult oil spills, while General Purpose Spill
Kits or EVO Spill Kits provide a solution for everyday common fluids. By knowing what liquids are used in your facility, you can select the correct variety of kits to meet your needs.

2. How Big Is Your “Worst-Case Scenario” Spill?

Think about the largest amount of liquid that could be spilt from a single container or holding tank. Chemical spill kits can be used in conjunction with non-absorbent spill barriers and either big or small drain covers depending on the spill size, like our Spill Berms and Drain Covers that help restrict and contain the spill. If you cannot absorb all of the liquid then these can help with recovering the liquid with vacuums or pumps.

3. What Type of Container Will You Need?

Depending on the size of your spills and how often you’ll need the spill kits, you may require a certain storage container. If you have an area prone to spills then you may want to store your kit close by. If you need your spill kit on the go, then having one or two kits that can be transported to the area where a liquid is spilt may suit you best. From small storage containers with handles to wheeled bins, shoulder bags with straps and even wall-mounts, it’s a guarantee that we have the right kit container for you.

We have a number of ‘How To’ guides to help you choose the right Spillage Kits for your task and location, read more about each one below.

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