Double Bund

Double IBC bunds store up to two IBC containers for maximum storage space efficiency. This is only permitted in certain situations: either the liquids inside the two containers are the same or will not react when placed together.  From there, regulations state that the spill pallet must have a bund capacity of 25% of the total capacity stored in it, or 110% of the largest vessel.

Every Spill Shop double IBC spill pallet comes with the option of either an attached cover or additional rain cover, depending on where your IBC and bunds are sited. If sited indoors or undercover, you do not have to consider them. However, if your IBC bund is stored outdoors without a cover, you can protect it from the ingress of rainwater by purchasing the bund with an attached cover or by purchasing a separate rain cover.

If you’re concerned about spillages occurring when the double bund is full, there is the option to purchase an overflow tray for a vast majority of Spill Shop double IBC spill pallets. These easy-to-use waste-prevention devices are designed to feed all overflowing liquid back into the bund in case it becomes full, so no further spillages occur. The overflow tray simply clips over the side of the spill pallet under the outlet tap or pipe to catch any drips, and if, for instance, a tap fails or is accidentally left open, the contents of the IBC will accumulate in the bund and not all over the workspace floor. Plus, their large size means they can house a pail or collection container if you need to decant small amounts of liquid. All IBCs are manufactured with forklift pockets for ease of movement and positioning.

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  • Double IBC Bund / 8 Drum Spill Pallet with Frame & Cover

    Part Number: BBC2FRCO

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  • Double IBC Bund / 8 Drum Spill Pallet

    Part Number: BBC2

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  • IBC Bund Flexible Raincover for BBC2

    Part Number: BBC2/RC

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  • IBC Bund OverflowTray for BBC2

    Part Number: BBC2T

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  • IBC Funnel with Lid & Debris Strainer

    Part Number: DF200

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