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  • Mercury Spill Kit in Plastic Case

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Mercury Spill Kits

The mercury spill kit supplied by Spillshop allows the user to clear up any mercury spill in a safe and effective manner. Over time it has become apparent that exposure to mercury causes significant health risks and that not dealing with even the tiniest spillages can cause long term illness, hence the introduction of spill kits dedicated to the retrieval of mercury.

Mercury which is liquid at room temperature poses a threat to health in two ways. Firstly it can be absorbed into the body by direct skin contact. Secondly, and more worryingly mercury vapour can unknowingly be inhaled, entering into the lungs and then entering the blood system. Once in the blood system it is carried around the body and absorbed into vital organs eventually attacking the central nervous system.

The mercury spill kit contains a dampening spray which when used will suppress the further release of mercury vapour. Other components in the kit will then allow for the safe collection of mercury droplets by following the guidelines in the instruction leaflet.

The mercury spill kit is a necessity for hospitals, medical practices, dental surgeries, schools and laboratories.

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