Absorbent Clay Granules

The clay granule absorbent still remains a popular choice as a loose absorbent. They are a fast and effective absorbent for the clean up of oil, fuel and water based liquid spills. Since the granules are clay based they will not "mud" upon contact with liquid and will provide a clean and efficient fire retardant absorbent granule. Made from different grades of clay, their absorption rate is low in comparison to absorbents like Elcef Fibre and because they readily absorb water, are not suitable for use in wet conditions.
Multizorb granules are coarse and hard in nature and not therefore suitable for use on sensitive floor types. EvoDri granules are made from 100% recycled gypsum clay and offer a slightly better environmental option. New Safety Tread granules are softer and finer in granule size and not as abrasive as the Multizorb granule.

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  • Recycled Clay Granules

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  • Multi Zorb White Granules

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  • Safety Tread Pink Granules

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