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  • Drain Protection Kit

    Part number: DPK1

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  • Neoprene Drain Cover

    Part number: ADR10

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  • Neoprene Gulley Cover

    Part number: ADRG

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  • Holdall / Wall Mount for Neoprene Drain Covers

    Part number: ADCH

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  • ADPS/HL Polyurethane Drain Cover – Small

    Part Number: ADPS/HL

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  • ADPM/HL Polyurethane Drain Cover – Medium

    Part Number: ADPM/HL

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  • ADPL/HL Polyurethane Drain Cover – Large

    Part Number: ADPL/HL

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  • ADPE/HL Polyurethane Drain Cover – XLarge

    Part Number: ADPE/HL

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  • Spill Berm – Flexible Barrier

    Product number: ASB

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  • Inflatable Drain Blocker

    Part Number: AOB

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  • Clay Drain Covers

    Part Number: APR1

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  • Plugging and Dykeing Granules

    Part Number: ADG

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  • Pre-Mixed Plugging and Sealing Putty

    Part Number: APC

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  • Water Soakers

    Part Number: AWS

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Drain Protection

Protecting drains from harmful liquid spillages that will impact on the environment has become an essential part of risk assessment and contingency planning. It is no longer acceptable to deal with a problem further down the line, drainage systems have to be isolated as a first precaution in the event of any spillage. There are many ways to achieve this and Spillshop have a wide range of products to provide protection to your drainage systems in wide choice of sizes to suit your requirements.

Protection for Drains

Drain protection can be achieved in many different ways. The easiest way is to simply cover the drain with a drain cover or drain seal. Spillshop have three different products that fit into this category. There are two types of reusable drain cover and one type of single use cover to choose from. Another method to isolate a drain is by the use of flexible spill berms. These are designed to create an impermeable barrier around a drain and divert spillages away from them. The final type is a drain blocker, these are inflatable balloon type bladders that expand in pipe work and prevent spillages getting past them.

Lightweight Drain and Gulley Covers - Reusable

Neoprene is made from a synthetic rubber material making the drain covers flexible and durable but also chemically resistant. These reusable covers are designed to be either laid flat over a drain or unrolled to cover the length of the gulley. Additionally the drain cover can be fitted under the drain grid (where grids are fully removable). When used in this way, plugging granules or pre-mixed sealing putty can also be applied to ensure a leak-tight fit. Best used on even surfaces when laid flat over drains or gullies.

Heavyweight Drain Covers - Reusable

The heavyweight drain covers are made from urethane making them resistant to oil, water and most chemicals whilst remaining durable and resistant to tearing. These reusable covers simply need to be laid over any drain to provide protection. They are available in four different sizes and are best used where drains are located on relatively even surfaces.  All come in enclosed in a highly visible carry handle holdall.

Mouldable Drain Covers - Single Use

Available in three different sizes, this type of drain cover is the most popular on the market. Made from reinforced clay, these drain covers are truly mouldable. So, no matter how uneven the surface around the drain or how near to a kerb, these drain covers can be placed over a drain grid and walked over to mould to every contour to make them leak-tight. Due to the interwoven reinforced construction they will not fall apart in use or when they are retrieved.

Spill Berms

The spill berms are made from urethane making them highly flexible and resistant to most chemicals. Spill Berms can be deployed to encircle a drain to isolate it from a spill or used to divert a spill away from a drain to a less sensitive area. They are best used on flat even surfaces.

Drain Blockers

Available in many sizes, the drain blockers use the inlet structure beneath the drain grate. Once in position they can be inflated for a snug fit to prevent any liquid getting past them. Further apparatus such as absorbents or a sump pump may be required to collect any liquid left lying on top of the inflated bladder after a spillage has occurred.
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