Neutralisers & Binders

SpillShop’s range of acid and alkali neutralisers and binders allow you to safely neutralise any spills of an acidic, alkaline and caustic nature. With its own indicator system in which the powder changes colour after safe treatment has been carried out, responding to harmful acid and alkaline spills can be carried out quickly and without interruption to the workplace.

Quick and Effective

We stock concentrated neutralisers for acid spills and alkaline spills in 8L bottles, providing an effective spill response depending on what type of liquid has been spilt. Our neutraliser formulas leave areas with no residue after cleaning. By simply applying the neutraliser in the way stated on the product’s instructions, all remaining residue can be safely absorbed by using a chemical binder or Spillshop absorbents. Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment when treating an acid or alkaline spill.

Choose Spill Shop for Quality Spillage Control

SpillShop is the UK’s leading destination for spill-cleaning equipment. Our high-quality neutralisers and binders are a convenient solution to eliminating harmful substances in the case of an accident and keeping your workplace clean, compliant and safe. Browse our selection below and use the size and category filters to find the right one for you, or contact us for more information or a custom spill solution. No matter what potential spill you need to stock up for, SpillShop has what you need.

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  • Alkali Neutraliser

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