Elcef Fibre Instant Absorbent

Elcef Fibre is a lightweight product that works immediately on contact with hydrocarbons. It also has a hydrophobic nature which means it will initially absorb hydrocarbons more readily than water and will not break down. This means the product has the ability to soak up a spillage far more efficiently and effectively and leave surfaces with a better skid resistance after treatment than any other loose absorbent.
Elcef Fibre Absorbent is derived from the naturally recurring waste products of the plantation industries. It is an inert non-toxic, biodegradable organic product to which nothing has been added making it safe for you to use and kind to the environment.
Amazingly it has the ability to absorb up to seven times more than clay granules which creates less waste and with the added benefit of being a lightweight material, greatly reduces expensive disposal costs.
This absorbent is non-abrasive to machinery, enabling areas to be cleaned that could not be tackled before. Elcef Fibre absorbs so completely that no oily residue is left, making your working area safer and eliminating slipping accidents. It is packaged into 20, 40 and 80 Litre bags with instructions for use are printed on the rear of every bag and is suitable for clearing up such things as oil, diesel, grease, anti-freeze, blood, bleach, paint, glue, urine, vomit and many other liquids.

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