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Which Drain Protection Options Are Right For Me?

Spill control in working or public environments is important and preventing spills is the best way to reduce environmental pollution. Storm drains and industrial drains are essential to modern infrastructure, and any threat to them poses an extremely high risk of severe consequences for the environment surrounding the area. So how can you best protect your drains from toxic or harmful spills?

The trouble with spillage runoff is that it travels along the ground surface and over pavement, picking up sediment and other contaminants as it goes, never mind the spilt liquids that are pouring down the drain. Due to large amounts of spillages carrying debris, storm drain and outdoor drain protection are essential to protecting the environment surrounding the area.

A well-designed surface liquid runoff collection and drainage system will funnel runoff from relatively large areas into individual collection points such as inlets and drains that direct the concentrated flows into transit structures such as storm sewers or underground storage tanks. When these drainage systems are contaminated with foreign spillages and the debris that often comes with it, it can cause havoc in your drains and block up any given area of a system.

There are many methods used to protect your drains from industrial spills, all of which aim to protect your drainage systems and the surrounding environments from any damage.

Clay Drain Covers

Weighted drain covers are a slightly different method of storm drain protection because they bypass drains altogether. Available in a range of different sizes, weighted or clay drain covers sit on top of the drain and doesn’t allow anything to enter.

The sole purpose of a drain cover is to prevent environmental contamination. Clay drain covers are some of the most popular drain protection methods on the market. Made from reinforced clay, these drain covers are truly mouldable. The use of a reinforced mouldable drain cover is an exceptionally efficient temporary sealant for drains and stormwater inlets. Made from a non-toxic material it is easy to use and quick to apply and can be used to control flammable and hazardous leaks and spills. This means that, no matter how uneven the surface around the drain or how near to a kerb, these heavy drain covers can be placed over a drain grid and walked over to mould to every contour to make them leak-tight. Due to the interwoven reinforced construction, they will not fall apart in use or when they are retrieved.

It seems obvious, but any chemicals or hazardous materials that travel down the drain end up somewhere — usually in the closest body of water. Therefore, stopping the spillages from entering that ecosystem in the first place is a simple way to prevent environmental contamination from any chemicals your business uses.


Neorug drain covers provide an instant watertight seal and prevent any liquid spills from flowing into drains and contaminating controlled waters. Neo Rugs are the most effective drain protection solution available. Manufactured from Neoprene they are resistant to Oil, Water and most Chemicals. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material designed to act flexibly, durably, and to resist breakdown by water.

By providing an instant watertight seal to prevent any liquid spills from flowing into drains and contaminating controlled waters, Neorug drain covers are a popular choice for drain protection. Not only are they simple to deploy and provide rapid and effective Drain sealing but they are also resistant to oil, water and most chemicals.

To top it off, these excellent covers are reusable and can be deployed again after washing. Neorug covers can be applied to any surface and are reusable after washing. These form-fitting and resilient covers can be applied to any surface and are efficient in emergency spills.

Polyurethane Drain Covers

Polyurethane drain covers are the ideal solution for quickly sealing any sized drain. Constructed using 2-layers of polyurethane, polyurethane Drain Covers offer a simple but highly effective solution for drain protection. The bottom layer adapts to uneven surfaces to provide a secure seal while the top laminated layer ensures that the cover will not tear or become distorted.

Made from tough, flexible non-absorbing urethane, these bright drain covers provide resistance to tearing and high durability. These covers are great for preventing contaminants from entering drains and are resistant to oil, water and most chemicals. Polyurethane drain covers benefit from a high visibility finish making it easily identifiable and alerting workers to the possibility of a spill. By simply washing, the cover is reusable while maintaining a sticky seal for extra protection.


We offer a full range of drain protection for both complete drain protection and surrounding drains or spill hazards. Spillshop are dedicated to sourcing the best products for the spillage, and the environment, this means looking at all aspects of responsible sourcing. When sourcing products we look at ‘Sustainability’ as the Earth’s resources are a finite resource and any product that can use a recycled or reprocessed material will be considered over one that is manufactured from raw materials.

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