The Main Types Of Spill Kit

Spill kits are available in a huge array of choices, with many available in different sizes to suit different industrial situations. While Spillshop offers over 160 different choices of spill kits, there are three main types of spill kits that you can choose from: Oil spill kits, chemical spill kits and general purpose spill kits.

A large spill can risk the health and safety of any work environment, whether that is an office environment, a factory, or a warehouse. Spills, especially with oils and corrosive chemicals, can have devastating impacts. If a simple spill occurs while you are using, storing or transporting goods, having an appropriate spill kit to hand can help you sort it quickly and cost-effectively.

Most organisations are armed with fire wardens, stocked first aid kits and first aid trained staff. However, not all businesses are armed with spill kits, and they should be. It is important that you ensure that you select a spill kit that holds enough equipment to manage the size of the spill. If you store 205 L containers, having enough equipment to manage a 60 L spill will not be appropriate.

As part of your health and safety controls, picking the right spill kit is essential. This article will explain what a spill kit is and the essential components of one, so you can ensure you have the proper equipment needed to control simple spills.

What Is In An Oil Spill kit?

Oil spill kits are a vital safety tool in any workplace that is dealing with oil. This includes areas of an organisation where external objects or machines, such as construction machines or vehicles, are brought in with grease or oil inside them. If there is a risk of them leaking their internal contents, an oil spill kit is needed.

The contents of this kit can be customised for indoor, outdoor and near waterway use. They are designed to clean up the spill safely and efficiently, control further contamination and repel any water. This means they are perfect to use in external situations where rainwater will otherwise soak into any other absorbents. The smallest type of oil spill kit available is able to clean up a spill of 15 litres of oil spillage, but the spill kits can also be large enough to clear up to 1100 litres.

An oil spill kit will contain suitable spill solving products such as absorbent pads, absorbent socks, and waste disposal bags and ties. Larger kits come with absorbent rolls, hazard barrier tape, sealing putty and drain covers. Sometimes accidents and spills happen and when it does, the best thing to do is to take care of it in the safest and cost-effective manner possible. This is why having an oil spill kit handy to clean up a spillage is the best option, in such situations.

Chemical Spill Kits

Chemical spills can be detrimental to personal health and the damage caused can be devastating to a company’s revenue if not contained and cleared properly. Due to the dangerous nature of chemical spills, PPE should be used in conjunction with the spill kit and it is always advised that only trained personnel clean up chemical spills.

When the right staff can easily access the tools to clean spillages promptly, downtime can be reduced and the risk of accidents and injuries can be kept to the minimum possible level. The staff dealing with the spill should always use goggles, a face shield, specialised gloves, and disposable oversuits.

Chemical spill kits contain absorbent pads, absorbent socks and waste disposal bags and ties. Larger chemical spill kits also include absorbent rolls, sealing putty and drain protection. For spillages involving highly acidic or alkaline liquids, consideration should be given to applying a neutraliser before deploying the adsorbents which allows for an effective cleaning solution and is the best way to handle this type of spillage.

Spillages are a major cause of slips and falls in the workplace and must be rapidly identified and removed. For information on handling a chemical spill correctly, check with government health and safety legislation or contact us today.

General Purpose Spill Kit

The general purpose spill kit is the most common spill kit and they are often found in workshops, factories and even loading docks. These commonly found kits can be used to absorb coolants, paint, blood, common fluids, degreasers and less damaging chemicals. Dealing with these incidents quickly and effectively will protect the site staff, premises and the wider environment from harm.

This spill kit is designed to absorb non-aggressive liquids and contains equipment such as:

  • Disposable bags and ties
  • Absorbent socks – normally the first items you will be using for spills as their main purpose is to contain.
  • Absorbent pads – These are thin sheets that may or may not be perforated. Absorbent pads help address the bulk of your spillage or mess.

Spills can pose a serious threat in the workplace; not only can spills create a slipping hazard, but they can also be harmful to breathe in or come into contact with. It is an important part of any COSHH risk assessment to have an efficient spill emergency response plan. This will detail what should be done in the event of an accident, including leaks and spillages, involving any hazardous substances.

To learn more about which spill kit you require or to have a custom kit built for you, contact our team today.