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Oil & Fuel Pad – Premium thickness, Bonded, Extra Strength

Part Number: OES100
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Dimensions: 39cm x 48cm
Absorbent Capacity: 100L
Pack Size: 100

  • Description


    Spill Shop’s OES100 is an extra-strength, premium thickness bonded oil & fuel pad. These pads boast incredible hydrophobic properties, meaning that they will repel water and confidently deal with oil and fuel spills both indoors and outside. The OES100 is our highest-quality oil & fuel pad and you can expect it to have the greatest degree of absorbency and strength, making it an excellent choice for heavy-duty spills.

    Due to the bonding indicated by the dimpled effect on the surface, Spill Shop’s pads will hold together well when used for those heavy maintenance clean-ups and spills where a robust pad is called for. At Spill Shop, we recognise that you should be able to utilise and change the size of the pad to use as many of the pads as possible, so we made our pads perforated, so they can be easily torn in two to deal with smaller spills. If you ever find yourself challenged by leaking machinery, place one of these pads under the machine to absorb those constant leaks.

    The pack of 100 OES100 bonded oil & fuel spill pads are poly-wrapped, meaning that they stay clean and uncontaminated until needed, reducing both the cost of packaging and disposal. The pack altogether has the ability to absorb up to 100 Litres of fluid. If you are needing something for a bigger spill, take a look at our oil & fuel spill kit range, which comes with more robust equipment. It should be noted that due to its inability to soak up water, the OES100 pads will not absorb water-based fluids, so if your requirement is for a pad that needs to absorb water-based liquids then we recommend taking a look at our General Purpose pads.

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    For some products, particularly those that are kits made from many components, these principles may not be possible for the whole kit, but rest assured we will source as many components according to these principles within the kit as we possible can.

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