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EVO Absorbent Spillage Station

Part Number: EVO-AEC
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£422.00 (excl. VAT)£506.40 (inc. VAT)


Size – 160cm x 46cm x 50cm

1 x Steel Cabinet
100 x EVO Pads (EVO-P100)
20 x EVOSocks (EVO-S20)
1 x EVO Roll (EVO-R3840)

  • Description

    The EVO Absorbent Station is a one unit steel cabinet, multiple absorbent dispenser spill station equipped to deal with all workplace spills. Containing the EVO range of absorbents offering best value, great performance, recycled sustainable natural fibres and a low Carbon Footprint. The large floor standing unit is self-contained and centralises wiping, cleaning and absorbent needs within any work environment. Any spills or leakages can be dealt with quickly using the absorbent pads area of the station, whilst wiping or cleaning of equipment for light maintenance or more robust tasks can be done with the absorbent roll. Larger spills can first be contained using the absorbent socks to encircle a spill.

    The Absorbent Station can be used by many types and sizes of industry ranging from large engineering workshops to small independent businesses to clean up many types of liquid.

    Footprint150Sustain150At Spillshop we have a new natural fibre absorbent product made from a unique blend of 85% recycled natural fibres and manufactured by a patented process here in the UK. This Eco-Friendly absorbent has the lowest carbon footprint of any absorbent available in Europe and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Evo products offer an excellent choice if you are looking to purchase environmentally friendly products while offering good value and great performance.

    EVO Green250
    MIB N
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  • Made in Britain

    Spillshop are dedicated to sourcing the best products for the spillage, and the environment, this means looking at all aspects of responsible sourcing.
    When sourcing products we look at ‘Sustainability’ as the Earths resources are a finite resource and any product that can use a recycled or reprocesed materail will be considered over one that is manufactured from raw materials.
    The ‘Carbon Footprint’ of the product is also important, sourcing products from within the UK or the EU is desirable over products shipped in from across the world either by sea or air into our distribution hub.

    For some products, particularly those that are kits made from many components, these principles may not be possible for the whole kit, but rest assured we will source as many components according to these principles within the kit as we possible can.

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