Cab Mounted Spill Kit – 80L Chemical

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Capacity: 80L
Weight: 20Kg (approx.)
Dimensions: 75cm x 40cm x 25cm (approx.)

1 x Hinged Lid Plastic Box
5 x Chemical Absorbent Socks (1.2M x 8cm)
2 x Chemical Absorbent Socks (3M x 8cm)
30 x Chemical Absorbent Pads (39cm x 48cm)
1 x Moldable Drain Cover (45cm x 65cm)
1 x 1Kg Tub Plugging & Sealing Putty
1 x Pair of PVC Gauntlet Gloves
2 x Disposal Bags & Ties
1 x Instruction & Contents Sheet
1 x FREE sample ESW-50 Textured Wipes

  • Description

    The ‘Cab Mount’ Chemical Spill Kit will absorb up to 80 Litres of liquid. The kit is designed to provide a quick response to contain and absorb Chemical Spills before they spread or flow down drains. The kit actually contains a 1Kg tub of Plugging Compound to repair any leakages and a large moldable drain cover to prevent contamination getting into drains. With the addition of the Drain Cover you can be rest assured any Chemical Spillage will not enter any nearby drains.

    MIB N
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  • Made in Britain

    Spillshop are dedicated to sourcing the best products for the spillage, and the environment, this means looking at all aspects of responsible sourcing.
    When sourcing products we look at ‘Sustainability’ as the Earths resources are a finite resource and any product that can use a recycled or reprocesed materail will be considered over one that is manufactured from raw materials.
    The ‘Carbon Footprint’ of the product is also important, sourcing products from within the UK or the EU is desirable over products shipped in from across the world either by sea or air into our distribution hub.

    For some products, particularly those that are kits made from many components, these principles may not be possible for the whole kit, but rest assured we will source as many components according to these principles within the kit as we possible can.

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