Organising a Spill Control Drill in an Industrial Facility

How to Organise a Spill Control Drill at Your Workplace

In certain industrial workplaces, liquid is all around you. While it is safely contained, accidents can happen and spills can occur. As the manager of an industrial company, you should have your staff prepared to respond to a spill quickly and without panic, particularly if you are dealing with corrosive, flammable or otherwise dangerous liquids.

For this to be the case, proper spill management training is essential. In this article, we will help you learn how to effectively plan a spill control drill, and how to implement it into your workplace. You’ll protect yourself, your employees and your working environment.

Planning a Spill Control Drill

Understanding potential risks within your workplace is the initial step. Become intimately familiar with areas in your facility that are susceptible to spills. After this, carry out a thorough risk assessment using our guide, making sure you grasp any potential hazards.

A spill drill should always be a collaborative effort. Ensure the involvement of multiple team members, ideally at least four, in the exercise. Relying solely on one individual can result in lapses and might even precipitate further incidents.

Safety zones are paramount. Demarcate exclusion zones where workers without the requisite protective attire are disallowed. Further, it’s vital to impart training to your team on the correct procedure to wear each piece of protective gear, guaranteeing maximum safety during a real-life episode.

Spill Kit Training

Having an easily accessible and comprehensive spill kit at your workplace can be transformative. Such kits typically comprise tools to contain and clean a spilt liquid: absorbent pads, absorbent socks, disposal bags & ties, and an instruction sheet.

Prompt action to halt the spill at its source is crucial. Actions might include standing a drum upright or rotating a leaking drum so the spillage faces upwards. Following this, the spill should be confined using tools such as booms or spill socks, effectively localising the spillage. Having these tools within easy reach can prove invaluable, so contemplate affixing your spill kit to a wall or positioning it in a readily accessible location.

Regular inspections and restocking of your spill kit are essential. For such tasks, resources like Spill Shop’s spill kit refills section are invaluable. Moreover, to maintain the continued readiness of your workforce, it’s advisable to conduct spill control drills at least on an annual basis.

Responding to a Spill

Taking immediate action upon spotting a spill is of the essence. Start by assessing the risks, which includes identifying the nature of the spilt substance. Different liquids present various levels of hazard, and discerning what you’re dealing with will shape your response approach. Considerations such as the quantity of the spill and its trajectory will inform the amount and type of spill control equipment needed.

Protecting oneself is non-negotiable. Ensure all involved don the appropriate protective equipment, whether it be safety goggles, rubber aprons, gloves, or more specialised chemical protective clothing. In scenarios of doubt, it’s always prudent to opt for the highest level of protection available. Before utilising any equipment, scrutinise it for potential damages.

Upon addressing and clearing the spill, adherence to post-incident procedures is vital. Store all used equipment appropriately, launder any protective clothing worn, and uphold personal cleanliness standards, such as washing thoroughly with soap and water. Lastly, it’s imperative to document the incident in detail. Not only does this serve as an official record, but it also offers valuable learning for the future.

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