4 Must-Have Day-to-Day Absorbents

Clean Up Made Easy: 4 Must-Have Day-to-Day Absorbents

Industrial workplaces are bound to see more than a few accidents during operation, especially spills and leaks. They are the most likely to cause other accidents too if not contained and allowed to trickle away from their starting point.

Thus, it’s not only handy but in the rules of workplace safety to have absorbents nearby to clean up at a moment’s notice. You’ll find an array of spill equipment to do the job once you start searching, but which one is best for your situation? In this guide, you’ll learn about four of the most essential absorbents, from absorbent rolls and spill pads to absorbent socks and spill kits.

Spill Pads

For soaking up liquids, you won’t find much better out there than a set of spill pads. From concrete to carpet, these are designed to quickly suck up spills or wipe down a leaky piece of apparatus. Alternatively, spill pads can be placed on a work surface ready to catch any leaks and spills from a disassembly job, for example. The versatility and absorbing power of a spill pad make it an incredibly viable option.

Absorbent Rolls

Compared to spill pads, absorbent rolls are a quicker and more disposable alternative. They come in larger widths and therefore can cover a greater surface area in a shorter timeframe, which would come in handy when the spill spreads quickly. What’s more, they can easily be retrieved as they are just like a kitchen roll.  Best of all, they can be cut to any particular length to fit bespoke spaces and ultimately save on wastage.

Absorbent Socks

Away from soaking up spills directly, absorbent spill socks, also known as booms, are long, flexible tubes that can encircle a spill area to prevent it from spreading further. These are the best equipment for containing spills while dealing with them, and should be as easy to reach as any rolls or pads in your workplace.

Spill Kits

If you’re thinking you could use all of these in a convenient package, consider spill kits a saving grace. They are kits made up of all the necessary absorbents, containment products and waste disposal equipment you need to handle multiple types of spills.

Inside, all spill kits contain absorbent pads, absorbent socks, disposal bags & ties and a contents & instruction sheet. At Spill Shop, these are available in a wide range of sizes and types of kit so you can bulk up or specialise in handling chemical, oil & fuel or more general spills. You may find that other kits include extra equipment such as drip trays, absorbent rolls, absorbent cushions, drain seals and barrier tape to caution others. Whichever one you opt for, you’ll be well-equipped to handle a myriad of situations from now on.

Whether a spill kit is right for you or simply a set of absorbent socks, any of these pieces of equipment are an essential tool for an industrial workplace. With their convenience, versatility, safety benefits, and environmental advantages, they provide a comprehensive solution for tackling spills whenever problems arise. Investing in a spill kit is a smart decision that can help to keep your workplace clean, compliant and safe.