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A Complete Guide To Spill Kits

In the event of a hazardous spill in the workplace, having a well-stocked spill kit nearby is crucial. In places where there’s a risk of hazardous liquid spills, such as warehouses and plants that deal with oil, chemicals, or other pollutants, spills can pose significant health and safety risks. A spill kit is a quick and effective solution for containing and cleaning up spills to ensure a safe and compliant workspace.

Spill kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each tailored to a specific type of spill. But how many types of spill kits are there? And what exactly does a spill kit contain? This blog is designed to answer exactly that, providing you with a better understanding of what spill kits are, their different types, what they contain, and how to use them appropriately in various situations.

What Is A Spill Kit?

Spill kits are packages of equipment that contain everything you need to contain and absorb a spilt liquid. At Spill Shop, they come contained in either a plastic carry bag, plastic drums, shoulder strap bags, lockers or wheeled bins depending on what type and size you order.

What Types Of Spill Kit Are There?

Three types of spill kits are available, each tailored to address specific spill types.

General-purpose spill kits are designed to deal with solvents, oil & fuels, non-corrosive liquids, common fluids and water-based fluids. On the other hand, oil & fuel spill kits will repel water-based fluids and will instead soak up oil, fuels and solvents. Chemical spill kits are suitable for hazardous liquids and will also deal with the same liquids as the other two spill kits combined.

What Does A Spill Kit Contain?

All spill kits contain:

  • Absorbent pads to soak up the spill
  • Absorbent socks to barricade the spill in a contained space
  • Disposal bags & ties to hold used absorbents enable safe disposal
  • A contents & instruction sheet to help you use the kit effectively and check up on stock levels

As well as this, more specialised kits may contain additional items such as drip trays, absorbent rolls, absorbent cushions, drain seals, plugging granules and barrier tape.

For more information on how to choose the right spill kit for you, please consult our guide here.

How Many Spill Kits Do I Need?

Though there is no legal requirement for more than one spill kit and Spill Shop’s range boasts a wide range of absorbent spill kit sizes that range from 20 litres up to 1,100 litres, having ample stock is crucial so you can deal with any happenstance. Because of the one-use design of spill kits, it is best to be prepared for any situation with multiple spill kits, particularly if your workplace is a large warehouse. At Spill Shop, we recommend your workplace have at least two of each necessary spill kit type available to use at all times.

Ultimately, this decision should be made after an evaluation of your workplace’s budget and needs. After a spill, you should order a new kit or spill kit refill as soon as possible and at Spill Shop, we offer free fast UK delivery on all our spill kits and spill kit refills that get to you promptly at no additional cost.

How Often Should Spill Kits Be Checked?

To make sure your spill kit has all its content replenished, inspect its contents every one to two months and replace any stock that is running low or empty.

Do Spill Kits Expire?

If stored dry and at ambient temperatures, Spill Shop’s spill kits do not have an expiration date.  The only exceptions are Spill Kits that contain drain seals and plugging compounds as these components may become perishable over time.  Use-by dates are printed on these to help identify them.

Spill Shop is the UK’s leading destination for spill-cleaning equipment. Our high-quality spill kits are a smart and affordable solution to keeping your workplace clean, compliant and safe. Browse through our pre-made spill kits today, or if you need a custom spill kit that is not on our website, reach out to us via our contact page.